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I read this book the first time a long while back, so it was a nice surprise to stumble over again whilst in the middle of...

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Details of P S I Love You

Exact title of the book
P S I Love You
Book author
Michael Sellers
Book edition
Number of pages
240 pages
August 1st 1983 by Berkley
File size (in PDF)
960 kB
P S I Love You

Some brief overview of book

I read this book the first time a long while back, so it was a nice surprise to stumble over again whilst in the middle of unpacking boxes after a recent house move (am I the only person on here who seems to have more boxes of books than any other possession?) To put my cards on the table, I am, and always will be a fan of Peter Sellers the artist. Very few people fall into the category of true genius like he did, and I approached this book the second time, being sure to remember that the first reading clouded my watching of Sellers for a long time after reading it. This time around, it was no less a traumatic a read.

Sellers emerges from the pages an extremely troubled man. His son, the author (now sadly deceased himself, coincidentally dying 25 years to the day after his father's own untimely passing of a similar heart condition) paints his father as some sort of childish monster, prone to petulant rages, and vindictiveness, driven by vanity, and insecurity, and ruining the lives of pretty much anyone who managed to get within touching distance of his heart. There are gaps though.

I struggled to understand how a monster such as the one painted here retained the loyalty of what appeared to be true friends, such as Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe. Both of these men had nothing to gain professionally by the association, so their friendships seemed sincere and loving. Why did they stick around with Sellers if he was the monster as painted by his son?

As for the author, he too comes under scrutiny for his apparent willingness to overlook the cruelty dished out to his sister and half sister at various times. He details more than once how he would be spending time, living the high life with his father, whilst at the same time one sister or other was being cut from a will, or receiving a hurtful letter. These unanswered questions do frustrate slightly, as does the somewhat clunky writing style that screams out for a decent editors lightness of touch.

Despite the above, the book is fascinating for those who are interested in the workings of Hollywood around the time, or even those who might like to study a such a talented tortured soul from the safety of times filtered lens.