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The world, matter has the looks of a ballet But it is only music, A melody In 1970 the author presented a view of the universe...

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Details of Matter of Dream: Theory B

Exact title of the book
Matter of Dream: Theory B
Book author
Bruno P.H. Leclercq
Book edition
Number of pages
404 pages
June 1st 2006 by Authorhouse
File size (in PDF)
1616 kB
Matter of Dream: Theory B

Some brief overview of book

The world, matter has the looks of a ballet But it is only music, A melody In 1970 the author presented a view of the universe that linked physics and esoterism. This model was based on the thought that there had to be two parallel universes - to use a language that we are all familiar with. Dr. Leclercq work of the last few years was dedicated to further this analysis.

The entire concept is prepared outside the university culture, it contains no mathematical formula, thus it can be seen as a work of fiction, or else as a vision. There are very many basic assumptions of physics that can be challenged without ever rejecting the experimental data. During the last thirty years for instance the superstring theory appeared: there would be a single element behind all the known aspects of matter.

Since 1998 there is a challenge to this view. A theory, offered by the Drs Randall and Raman, suggests that there are parallel universes, this being the only way to explain some facts of physics. You can imagine the pleasure of Dr. Bruno Leclercq to see his 'fiction' progressively more and more vindicated.

Neither of these modern theories says anything about the way electricity or magnetism work. They also fail to see that their theory may validate the claims of the 'seer's and visionaries of all times, whose visions are the base of all religions. Are there really particles of matter?

Or as we said earlier and as the cover suggests are all phenomena nothing more that the local, ephemerous effect of energy as it jumps between the points of space? Is the universe in expansion? Could there be a god?

This Theory B will make you think.