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Existentialism has always fascinated me as the condemnation to freedom of mankind is such hard felt in society I'm living...

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Details of Escape from Freedom

Exact title of the book
Escape from Freedom
Book author
Erich Fromm
Book edition
Number of pages
301 pages
September 15th 1994 by Holt McDougal
File size (in PDF)
1204 kB
Escape from Freedom

Some brief overview of book

Existentialism has always fascinated me as the condemnation to freedom of mankind is such hard felt in society I'm living in. This book is quite an easy read when compared to Sartre's, Beauvoir's or Nietszche's. The willingness of choice, human act, and thinking has been deem sinful since the dawn of civilisation- Adam and Eva being ousted from Eden in the name of infringement of Gods will - to make the choice of having knowledge and ability to think.

The powerlessness and insecurity of our generation is so overwhelming that we turn to common believes and try so hard to fit into the norms that we barely know who we are, why we live and how to live. As the fall of the churchs gives rise to a new authority which exerts nfluences on our wants and acts in a way we hardly aware. Education means to produce cogs for the great machine of capitalism, with the least emphasis of inviduality and thinking.

We think we have freedom but which is so supercially confined to the limited choices we make in our daily lifes, which movie to watch, which job to take. The cheap and shallow excitement comes at the expense of the flattened and insensitive thinking of any individual. We become numb to rules, we take discomforts as a must to the means of survival, and worst of all- that we are so dependent on the given values ( capabitily, money, status) to form our identities.

Powerlessness and insecurity are contagious that we rely so much on the groups we involve ourselves in. Being with parties of equal grounding makes us feel more real and safer at the expense of the chance of one being himself. But these mere social bondings only feed him with temporary and supeficial redemption that he will always feel alone with the minimal chance of being recognised of who he really is.

The aloneness will never cease until the one chooses to live a life according to his genuine will. So pathetic is our generation that we dont think- we take in the dose without knowing whats wrapped inside the sweet-coloured coating. Human- I see as living animal which sustains the growth of intelligence of a mankind that is disruptive and distructive to our humane sense, like technology is isolating people from each other, fabricated machines exile people to wonderland, market creates our needs - the essence of mankind - what makes us human is dwindling and withering.

We spend all our lives to get 'what we want', but without knowing who we are, how dare we are to uphold such a notable notions. Looking at the way we judge and value things, rationality is now defined as - the insanity seen in the past or hopefully non sense to be judged by the future, if by any chance people will think again. We crave because we see ourselves lacking.

That is a sickness, anyone sees?