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In, Effect of a Whisper, Josh Greeley has made his decision on the next step in this life-fate chose otherwise. When the chaos...

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Details of Effect of a Whisper

Exact title of the book
Effect of a Whisper
Book author
Book edition
Number of pages
300 pages
March 1st 2006 by Dog Ear Publishing
File size (in PDF)
1200 kB
Effect of a Whisper

Some brief overview of book

In, Effect of a Whisper, Josh Greeley has made his decision on the next step in this life-fate chose otherwise. When the chaos of the world quiets down you can begin to truly listen to what is being said. What follows is one man's fight to remember any memories that may give him a future.

It took Josh 29 years to get to today, but a single phone call and bad timing changed it all in an instant. It was in this instant, 11: 59 precisely, that a vibrant, intelligent, young man would lose so much. Life is frail, even for a mature man who has overcome life's challenges, and poor timing, only to succumb to another's actions.

With the news of a dear uncle's plight and his own bizarre, violent, car crash, Josh's spirituality tells him there are no accidents. Caught between personal suffering, and the mourning of another, Josh must find his way. From out of the darkness to the confines of bed, there come dreams, visions, and ultimately, a realization there is a deeper reasoning for his fate, one that medicine cannot disguise, nor explain.

More appropriately, reasoning may lie within a vow, or a prayer with his fading uncle. Or.was it God? Josh walks away from his accident unscathed, but has a gift bestowed upon him that will grow in strength.

Coming to terms with this burden, he pieces profound visions and insights together, and so, discovers the purpose of his pain, and finally-his existence. Hesitantly, he learns to listen to the thoughts coming from beyond him to make sense of it all, as death waits for him to weaken. Careful!

Something that you ask for can come true by unimaginable ways. J. Scott O'Shea currently resides in Kansas City alongside some of his immediate family.

Scott was born inthe small town of Westmoreland, Kansas in 1970. He was thereafter raised in Paxico, Kansas during the remainder of his childhood. He went on to attend Washburn University in the City of Topeka, Kansas, where he lived during the development of this work.

Aimlessly searching for his calling through college and beyond, he frequented various careers, aside from ending up a wandering, nervous actor, and a short-lived entrepreneur. As it ended up, the last two endeavors took him to where this story began. Effect of a Whisper is the first book in J.

Scott O'Shea's promising writing career. It is a story he was first reluctant to write then hesitant to share. The events, which he conveys, began only as a record for his voided memories.

Consequently, he struggled with the reason, and the push to unleash his story onto others. It is his sincerest wish that others amongst us can gain an understanding, and find hope where they could not find it before.